Accurate, robust and easy to use

With the help of geniuses from China and the USA, we have come up and tested this amazing sensor. It was specifically designed to be future proof. We included all what is needed to make tracking as stable and robust as possible. Most importantly; high precision, seamless drift cancelation, worldpose integration. In addition, it has the capabilities for other useful products such as Mocap, gesture detection, 3D scanning, skeleton detection and many others.

Key Features

  • Powered by top notch Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU

    • 9 axis high speed, low drifting IMU for sensor fusion

    • Ultra fast, highly accurate embedded vSLAM engineImaging features

    • High speed fish eye stereo-based SGBM (Semi-Global Block Match) depth engine

    • 13MP RGB camera with H265 and JPEG compression engine

    • High speed CNN hardware engine for edge inferencing

    • Feature-rich for SLAM, Depth, vision AI, and CV applications

    • Supports Windows, Android, Linux, Unity and PTC Vuforia platforms

    • Supports Open VINO, Open CV opensource libraries

    • Connectivity to host equipment

    • Single USB Type C port

    • Single UART port

What's included:
- Bliss Sensor
- REtracker Bliss Software with Genlock
- Built in World Pose
- Lens Calibrator
- OSC Version for Aximmetry
- Livelink Version for UE4.27 (soon UE5)
- Livelink Free-D Version for UE (all versions)
- OSC Version for Ventuz
- Sample Projects (VR, AR, LED)
- Zoom Tutorial (one on one)
- and many more...

(Sensor + REtracker BLISS software + Zoom Tutorial ):
2,500 Euros

Lifetime license
Works with all Aximmetry Licenses
Works with all versions of Unreal Engine

Price includes shipping all over the world, delivery in 3-5 weeks
Contact us for a faster delivery time.

Special discount terms on select versions:
Indie companies (less than 5 employees)
Educational facilities

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